Has the time finally come to get the home of your dreams? Many Americans across the country dream of having a home that meets every one of their wishes as well as needs. Often, the best way to make that happen is to build a home from the ground up. When it comes to financing a brand new build, mortgages can get a bit more complex because the home is not yet built. The type of home loan required to build a new home is similar to a conventional mortgage, but has a few differences meant to encompass the specialty needs of a new build.

New Construction

Construction home loans generally come in a couple of different options to provide greater flexibility through the building process. A construction-to-permanent loan is one that provides you the financial assistance to purchase the land, fund the construction, and pay for permits and any other details. At the end of construction, this type of construction home loan will convert to a permanent mortgage.

Similarly, a construction-only loan is one that provides the funding for land, construction, and other associated costs in much the same way that a construction-to-permanent loan works. However, a construction-only loan will need to be paid off entirely when the building process is complete. This option is better for those who have large cash reserves or want more time to shop for a permanent lender while the house is built.

Home Renovations

What about fixer-uppers? Home improvement shows bring out the handyman/woman in anyone who watches them, and homes that need some work can be an excellent investment as well as a great way to customize a home to your specifications. If you don’t have the cash on hand for major renovations, however, the fixer-upper option can seem out of reach. Renovation construction home loans offer the additional funding and flexibility to buy a home that needs work. A renovation construction home loan includes the funds for the renovation as part of your overall loan amount, and often comes with a built-in buffer in case something goes wrong during the renovation process.

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